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Buddy Holly Music Festival

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More About the Buddy Holly Music Festival

The Buddy Holly Music Festival launched in 1998 as a joint effort between the Buddy Holly Estate (Maria Elena Holly), the Convention and Tourism Bureau of Lubbock and the City of Lubbock. The three-day regional event centered around Buddy Holly's birthday on September 7th and showcased the rich and diverse musical heritage of the West Texas Region. Featuring five musical stages throughout a six block entertainment district, the festival included memorabilia trading events, classic car shows and interview panels hosted at various key locations throughout the city including Buddy Holly's childhood home, high school, various performance locations and gravesite. The festival was supported by members of the Holly family, Peggy Sue (Gerron) and fellow musicians including The Crickets, Carl Perkins and Bob Montgomery.

Over the course of multiple years, the festival garnered visibility through strategic partnerships and limited edition merchandise licensing with Coca-Cola, Gibson Guitar, the BBC, the U.S. Postal Service and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). In the inaugueral year, the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame was commissioned, featuring a bronze statue of the legendary rock figure crafted by sculptor Grant Speed. The Festival also featured live performances of the BUDDY! Musical at the Cactus Theater and expanded to include the Holly Trolley Historic Tour.

As an offshoot of public relations efforts, Holly was nominated and received a posthumous Grammy Award in 1997, which was commemorated by a limited edition portrait by West Texas artist Paul Milosovich. The U.S. Postal Service also released a limited edition collectors stamp kit featuring Buddy. The Convention and Tourism Bureau of Lubbock secured partnerships with JetLife Holidays from the UK as well as other international travel wholesalers and tour operators to promote festival travel.

Nicole Knox (Robbins) served as the Manager of Marketing and Public Relations for the Lubbock Convention and Visitors Bureau. In this capacity she was a founding Festival board member and was integrally involved in development of festival schedules and logistics as well as conceptualizing the festival brand and overseeing PR and media to promote the event. She took the lead in negotiating strategic partnerships in regards to travel wholesalers, media outlets and commemorative merchandise agreements.



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