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Purpose Driven with Rick Warren

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More About Purpose Driven

For over 3 decades, Purpose Driven has equipped pastors with the skills to lead healthier churches the way God intended. Grounded in the five biblical purposes for the church—Fellowship, Discipleship, Worship, Ministry and Evangelism—Purpose Driven provides a systematic pathway and structure to grow disciples to maturity.

Purpose Driven was born when Rick Warren began gathering pastors in Orange County, California in the 1980’s to encourage them in their ministry as they pursued greater health for their churches. His efforts have consistently emphasized organizational health over growth, founded on the principle that growth is a natural outcome of health.

Since then, over 300,000 churches worldwide have benefited from the Purpose Driven model—growing healthier churches, producing healthier disciples through an intentional growth pathway. The ministry prioritizes investing in church leaders through events, resources and relationship in ways that foster health and longevity.

Nicole Knox served as the Director of Marketing for Purpose Driven Ministries. During her tenure, the organization scaled from 14 staff to over 200 in support of product growth expanding into 42 international markets. In this capacity, Knox oversaw the creation of an in-house agency supporting multiple lines of ministry by providing brand and marketing strategy for resources and events. The nonprofit spanned church campaigns, Celebrate Recovery, worship, youth, children's ministry and as well as a portfolio of publishing assets released through Zondervan and



Hi, I'm Nicole, the Nick behind Nicknox Communications.  For more than 30 years, I've brought uncommonly creative brand, marketing and communications strategies to life for organizations of all kinds.

I'm passionate about brand strategy, storytelling and fabulous creative. I also love to explore best practices in high EQ leadership, core values, relational marketing and resources + workflows that help creative teams bring their best to every project.

My areas of expertise include design thinking, personal brands, performing arts, HR, travel & entertainment, B2B, startup + launch strategy and many other delightful sectors.


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