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iWorkGlobal provided a team of experienced industry experts as an authority in global workforce management. With a network of partners in more than 170 countries, iWorkGlobal provided compliance consultation, employer for record and agent of record services both domestically and internationally - opening the glob to employers with services that make hiring, paying and managing remote employees and contractors quicker and error-free. These services were delivered through iWorkGlobal's proprietary online platform, MyVista, which empowers businesses to manage their full roster of international workers through a single dashboard.

iWorkGlobal combined high-touch service with deep industry expertise, relationships and global capabilities. In 2017 the company announced a merger with Nelson Compliance. At that time, iWorkGlobal's CEO Jeff Phelps stepped into a dual CEO role serving both iWorkGlobal and Nelson Compliance.

In 2021, Velocity Global acquired iWorkGlobal, creating the largest global Employer of Record in 185 countries and 50 United States. The expanded joint service offerings support scaled remote work with Independent Contractor Compliance and Agent of Record and was supported with $100M Growth investment from FFL partners, a San Francisco-based private equity firm with over $4.5 billion under management.

iWorkGlobal retained Nicknox Communications as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. In that capacity, Nicknox led a naming exercise for the company and guided brand development and the creation of a web presence. Nicknox was also a key partner in ideation of service structure and positioning, as well as go-to-market strategies encompassing industry PR and credibility building initiatives.



Hi, I'm Nicole, the Nick behind Nicknox Communications.  For more than 30 years, I've brought uncommonly creative brand, marketing and communications strategies to life for organizations of all kinds.

I'm passionate about brand strategy, storytelling and fabulous creative. I also love to explore best practices in high EQ leadership, core values, relational marketing and resources + workflows that help creative teams bring their best to every project.

My areas of expertise include design thinking, personal brands, performing arts, HR, travel & entertainment, B2B, startup + launch strategy and many other delightful sectors.

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