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TalentPort Consulting

TalentPort Consulting set out to disrupt the traditional staffing model. Founded by HR and staffing veteran, Nanci Porter, TalentPort Consulting is a champion of workforce innovation and advocates of world-class talent solutions for small to mid-sized companies. The boutique consultancy believes in adding value without adding cost – that’s why they have opted to reject the salary-based cost-per-hire approach in favor of a unique, fixed-price service model that’s surprisingly affordable.

TalentPort is relationship focused, with a “fit first,” approach. The consultancy has introduced a proven, repeatable process that takes a transformative approach to hiring. Most importantly, founder Nanci Porter and her team help leaders navigate growth without compromising culture. This organization is an ideal fit for organizations that recognize and value the contribution of human capital within their organization.

TalentPort Consulting engaged Nicknox Communications to guide brand development, positioning, message strategy, copywriting, digital presence, go-to-market strategy and launch phase.



Hi, I'm Nicole, the Nick behind Nicknox Communications.  For more than 30 years, I've brought uncommonly creative brand, marketing and communications strategies to life for organizations of all kinds.

I'm passionate about brand strategy, storytelling and fabulous creative. I also love to explore best practices in high EQ leadership, core values, relational marketing and resources + workflows that help creative teams bring their best to every project.

My areas of expertise include design thinking, personal brands, performing arts, HR, travel & entertainment, B2B, startup + launch strategy and many other delightful sectors.

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