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I've earned my ears.

Nicole in Flower Chair

It’s more of a



I've got a soft spot for the PERFORMING ARTS.

I love all things artistic, musical and theatrical. A lifelong thread of performing arts has helped shape who I am today. I’ve delighted in partnering with many performing arts organizations like Young Audiences, the San Diego Chorus, Region 21 Golden West, Kim Vaughn Vocals, Masters of Harmony, SoloVoce and the Buddy Holly Music Festival, just to name a few.


People & Purpose

With a background that merges creativity, core values and destination, it was only natural that people and purpose would become a specialty of mine. My experience has established a dynamic foundation for work with multiple clients in the HR, staffing and executive recruiting space. A few of the award-winning organizations I've partnered with in this sector include Eastridge Workforce Solutions, NelsonConnects, iWork Global, TalentPort Consulting and CompSavvy.

Health & Wellness

Health, wellness and recovery has been figurative and literal themes at various points in my career. I’ve enjoyed working with industry leaders like the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Celebrate Recovery, as well as innovative startups like CureMetrix and NextLevel Health.

Meetings & Events

Meetings, events and conferences have been a mainstay of every sector that I’ve worked in. From impactive creative theming to event positioning to guiding display concepts - I love it all. In this noteworthy group falls Disney, AIGA San Diego - Tijuana, Conscious Discipline, Purpose Driven, the Lubbock Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Buddy Holly Music Festival, the San Diego Chorus and many others.


Education & Social
Emotional Learning

Personal Brands that SHINE


I specialize in positioning startups with confidence and credibility. From naming to brand ideation to go-to-market and acquisition strategy, I bring a track record of success. Some of my favorite projects in this arena include iWorkGlobal, Agility IP Law, Global Gumbo and CureMetrix.

Design & Creative

Working with designers and creative agencies is like second nature to me. Over the years it’s been a joy to partner with many talented creatives. Among them are AIGA San Diego-Tijuana, Visual Asylum, Buchanan Design, Massif Media, Cmd^TAB and Iron Owl Creative.



I’ve been privileged to partner with multiple para-church leaders. Each of these noteworthy pastors and authors were instrumental in cultivating Biblical literacy and vibrant spiritual health in countless individuals, groups, leaders and churches. Included in this sector is Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven, Jim Burns’ HomeWord and Chip Ingram’s Living on the Edge.



Warmups with Kathleen

Buddy Holly Music Festival

Random Shenanigans

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